Choose Where Wishlist Money Is Spent

What can a donation to The Cridge Centre for the Family do?

Every day, The Cridge Centre for the Family anti-violence programs help women and children escape violence and launch safer lives.

Here is how you can help women and their children get safe and stay safe.

1. Keys In Hand Fund
This is an endowment fund created by the family of Lindsay Buziak.
The earnings of this endowment are used to help cover women’s moving and storage costs, change door and window locks, change their phone numbers, secure new phones, and re-locate.
This fund saves lives.
Being an endowment fund, only the earnings of the fund are used. Contributions to this fund are truly gifts that keep on giving.

2. Women’s Legal Assistance Fund
Many women need legal help to keep themselves and their children safe.
Eligibility and amount of Legal Aid funds are very limited. This means that women often end up representing themselves, facing their abusers and their lawyers alone.
Our Women’s Legal Assistance Fund pays for women to get some legal advice on how to present their cases to give them a fighting chance. Or maybe even pay for an extended bit of time when her legal aid coverage is used up.
This fund has helped women secure custody, child support, and assistance with immigration issues.

3. General Anti-Violence Donation Fund
This is an undesignated fund.  
Rebuilding a new life is a daunting task.  Financial pressures can make it even more daunting.
This is a contingency fund to help with gas cards, grocery cards, children’s summer camp fees, car insurance, or whatever is needed to help women and children launch their new, violence free lives.
Help with some of these pressures can make all the difference between hopelessness and hope.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of
hundreds of women and children