How Wishlist Works

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.


Wishlist is a program that raises awareness of the challenges faced by those in our community for whom safe, stable housing is currently out of reach. Before beginning my career in Real Estate, I was a Social Worker supporting women in need here in Victoria. Although there are many excellent resources on the Island to help people get back on their feet, there is also a great deal of stigma and misunderstanding. We can all play a part in fostering empathy, as well as working towards solutions.

I established Wishlist not only to encourage conversation about the very real housing issues in Victoria, but to contribute in a tangible way with financial donations. I have partnered with the Cridge Centre for the Family, a local non-profit organization offering a variety of support programs including a Women's Transition House, low-income transitional housing, seniors’ and childcare services, and more.

Donations will come out of my proceeds from any sale. All my clients have to do is:

1. Let me know they want to participate in Wishlist, and
2. Choose a program within The Cridge Centre for the Family to receive their donation.

That’s it! I will do the rest. There is no cost to you.

You will receive a soft credit from The Cridge Centre for the Family thanking you for opting into the program. My hope for this program is that it invites my clients to reflect on what happens behind-the-scenes in Victoria and perhaps learn a bit more about the challenges facing marginalized folks in our community.

You must opt in to Wishlist before completing a sale – so please let me know as early as possible!