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The Agency has 80 offices worldwide and affiliates around the globe, maximizing our consumer reach; we also maintain a close connection with international property advisor Savills. Through our global knowledge and networks, we offer comprehensive marketing of your property, thorough research of your real estate transaction, and genuine, far-reaching, and reliable connections.

Coastal Living Collective

Coastal Living Collective (CLC) is Rebecca Barritt, Sophia Briggs and Erin Smith. Rebecca, Erin and Sophia are long time friends and business partners.
 As a group of Realtors with over 30 years of combined Real Estate experience in Victoria, let Coastal Living Collective help guide you through the Real Estate web. The pride of their business is to ensure their clients find their way home and receive luxury service at every price point.

Local expertise

Rebecca has worked in Real Estate since 2010. She has a track record of marketing properties to their fullest potential and extensive knowledge of Greater Victoria, which she has called home since 2001. Rebecca makes it a priority to study how the Victoria housing market has grown while the city continues proving itself as both a gorgeous coastal city and a competitor on the world stage of real estate.


Real Estate can be a daunting road, especially for a new investor. Clients need a trusted and approachable guide through the twists and turns of the housing market. Rebecca strives to always be available, reassuring her clients that no question is too small: “It’s my responsibility to ensure my door is open and I’m ready to respond to anything that comes up through the whole Real Estate transaction, start to finish.” 


Purchasing a home is not just a financial transaction, but an emotional one. Rebecca knows that her clients are often exchanging a past for their future, a process requiring the utmost care and attention. Rebecca brings passion, integrity, professionalism, and level-headedness to each purchase and sale process; her priority is to ensure each client walks away from their completed real estate goal with pride and confidence.


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